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Universe: Forgotten Realms
Date: 2014-06-07

Full Name: Nawen Relve'fer
Nickname/Alias: Dark-pointy ear, dear drow.
Meaning: None whatsoever
Origin: I used randomize name button in Neverwinter Nights 2 for her name. XD

Gender: Female
Gender Role: Feminine but she's not a girly girl
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 120
Age Appearance: Early 20'ies
Birthday: 1259 DR - Year of Wilted Flowers, 9th of Deepwinter
Birthplace: Underdark, Tes Natha'rra city

Immediate Family: Wood elf druid named Valendil
Distant Family: Her real family: her brother, mother and great-grandfather. Last time she's seen them she was a baby
Parenting: Strict and distant
Upbringing: She was raised to be good and honest. From the very early age Nawen was very idealistic and hopeful, she's not anymore.
Infancy: Nawen doesn't remember anything about her infant years. She was stolen from her house when she was just a baby because her mother wanted to sacrifice her, but she doesn't know the truth. She was told that her parents left her to freeze to death in Icewind Dale.
Childhood: Better than of some children as she never went hungry and always had clean and warm clothes to wear, but it wasn't easy. Her guardian was distant and far from caring, she had no friends and she was four years old when she learned that the drow are dispiced by many surfacers and it was one of the most traumatizing experiences in her life.
Adolescence: Nawen was pretty rebellious as a teenager, but it was mostly her way of trying to get some sort of attention from her guardian. To see if he cared at least a tiny bit about her.
Adulthood: When she became an adult, she was able to do some things on her own without having her guardian around all them time. She began visiting towns and inns on her own as well as training.
Coming of Age: After her very first job as a scout ended in a disaster, she quickly grew to realize her mistakes, she became more responsible.
Evolution: She has changed a lot. She's not as idealistic and naive as she used to be, as well as emotionally stronger, more patient and understanding.
Species: Drow
Ethnicity: Drow/High elf
Preferred Hand: Right
Facial Type: Round shaped
Eye Color: Dark moss green
Hair Color: White
Hairstyle: Breast-length and straight, usually in braided undercut (right side) hairstyle.
Skin Tone: Middle grey-ish
Makeup: Nawen doesn't wear any, ever. She sees no point in wearing any as she spends most of her time in the wilds.
Body Type: Her figure is hourglass shaped except that her shoulders and hips aren't wide
Height: 163cm (5'4)
Weight: 59kg (130 lbs)
Cup Size: C-cup
Facial Hair: BIGASS MAJESTIC BEARD (I'm kidding of course)
Shoe Size: 39 (6.5)
Birthmarks/scars: The word FILTH carved onto her back. She's very self-conscious about it but it's in a place where no one can see it, so it makes it a bit easier.
Distinguishing Features: Her eye color since Drow don't have green eyes.

Health: Quite healthy
Energy: Decent amount of energy
Memory: She has a good memory and remembers such things as faces well.
Senses: Her sight, hearing and smell are good
Handicaps: Her left arm starts to hurt if she carries heavy objects for too long.

Grooming: As well-kept as she possibly can given the circumstances she's in.
Posture: Nawen stands straight, and almost never slouches. She lowers her head a bit when talking with strangers, so that the hood would cover her face more, and they couldn't see her skin color.
Gait: She is fast, and pretty acrobatic. She doesn't move 'gracefully like a cat' but she's far from being clumsy.
Coordination: Nawen is pretty fit, and her reflexes work well too
Habits and Mannerisms: She pulls the sleeves of the shirt down and holds the end of the sleeves in her fingers. She doesn't do this when she's lying (which she does rarely), Nawen actually does this when she's nervous.
Scent: She smells nice, usually like flowers, because she keeps dried flowers between her clothes

Mood: Either neutral or content. Nawen isn't very expressive, and there are some emotions (like pure rage or devastation) she'd rather hide from others.
Attitude: Nawen tries to be friendly and polite with everyone, sometimes it doesn't work
Stability: She is in control of her emotions.
Expressiveness: Nawen bottles up her emotions. She knows it's not healthy, but she doesn't know how else to deal with them as she has the annoying voice in her head often telling her that nobody cares about her feelings and she'd only waste her own as well as other people's time by expressing everything openly.
When Happy: She talks a bit more, smiles and chuckles.
When Depressed: Doesn't talk to anyone, avoids people to spend some time alone. If it's very bad she might cry when no one can see her.
When Angry: Depends on the level of anger. If it's not too bad, no one might notice it but if she's really angry she can get pretty violent and threaten to do horrible things with the frighteningly calm voice, but it happens only when someone hurts people she cares about.

Current Residence: Nowhere, really. She never had a home, but wishes to have one someday.
Community: There are very little places in Faerun where a drow is welcomed, and usually people are either indifferent, hostile or scared of her.
Family: She has an older brother, a mother, and a great-grandfather. Her guardian was also a family of sorts, though now, her family is her friends.
Friends: Pretty much everyone she currently travels with
Enemies: Ravenna, Sefris, Valthranax and the Cult of the Dragon
Pets/Familiars: She has a light brown wolf named Rhegar, and a maple grey mare named Kiira.

Wardrobe: Nawen wears simple clothing, usually of brown and green colors and her armor is simple light leather armor, sometimes with a chainmail tunic underneath.
Equipment: All tools she owns Nawen carries in a bag of holding, except for her knife which she uses as a weapon at times. Her other weapons includes a duskwood bow and an elven blade with a black hilt and a word Sillarielle on its blade. The blade was a gift from her guardian before they parted ways.
Accessories: A few enchanted items: a ring and an amulet
Funds: She still has 500 gold he won in the archery tournament, and that's about it. Her other coins she spends on food and supplies.
Prized Possession: Nawen doesn't have a whole lot of things. Everything she has she carries with herself. Her most valuable possession is her blade. It's clearly quite expensive and she's been using it for many years. In fact from all the things she owns, she had her weapon for the longest.

Lovers: Nawen had feelings for a traveling bard she met while she stayed at the temple of Ilmater. He wasn't a typical bard chasing after women's skirts but when she finally build up the courage to express her feelings to him she was rejected as he already been seeing someone else. She hasn't been in love ever since and is pretty scared of falling for someone again because of the possibility that she might be rejected again.
Marital Status: Single
Sex Life: Non existent
Turn-Ons: None regarding appearance but when a man treats her with respect and as a person and not an object to lust over. Oh, and neck kissies. She doesn't know this one yet. XD
Turn Offs: Sexist, racist people, cheaters.
Virginity: She hasn't 'done it'. Nawen is still a virgin. She would only get intimate with someone she trusted and really liked.
Element: Ice and earth, both fit.

Occupation: Currently an adventurer, but when she isn't saving the world, she's a scout for hire.
Work Ethnic: She is hardworking, responsible and treats her work very seriously, and she loves being a scout as she gets to spend a lot of time in the wilds and see new places.
Income: Nawen never earned a lot of money from her job, but it was enough to afford anything she needed.
Experience: 100 years of experience.

Religion: She worships Fenmarel Mestarine and Ilmater. She is a faithful worshiper but religion isn't all that important to her.
Morals: It is like for any other decent being: being good, helping people - good, hurting, killing people - bad. However, she isn't exactly lawful as she would be willing to break a law if it meant helping someone or for a greater good.
Crime Record: She had stolen a few things in the past, and there were some disrispect towards the city guards when they attempted to arrest or kick her out for being a drow.
Motivation: Saving people, hunting things, the family business. Doing the good thing.
Priorities: People she cares about, survival, doing good and helping others.
Philosophy: Nawen's outlook on life is rather pessimistic as she's seen a lot of bad in her life, but she tries to think positive.
Etiquette: She knows well enough to be polite and went to keep her mouth shut and other basics but other than that, no.

Main Goal: To survive and find her purpose in life.
Minor Goals/Ambitions: At the moment it's to help Rhaine and her other friends.
Career: She already has a job she loves.
Desires: Peaceful life, maybe have a family or simply find that special someone someday.
Wishlist: Nawen always wanted a small cozy cabin in Icewind Dale.
Accomplishments: Very minor and not overly important, yes.
Greatest Achievement: She stopped slave trading once, freed the slaves and led them to safety after killing the slavers.
Biggest Failure: Her first time working as a scout: she was supposed to lead a wizard and his students to ancient ruins for one of their field trips, but the area where the ruins stood was largely avoided by even the most experienced scouts, but Nawen was overconfident and led her clients to what was werewolf hunting grounds. Everyone except for her died.
Secrets: She often feels useless, and sometimes when it gets really bad she wishes that her guardian just left her to die.
Regrets: Being overconfident on her first job, not being more sociable, not being better at expressing her feelings and opinions, not calling out her guardian for his emotional abuse.
Worries: Not finding purpose in life.
Best Dream: If people stopped being cruel towards just because of the reputation her race has.
Worst Nightmare: If anyone she cares about died and she couldn't do anything to prevent it from happening.
Best Memories: Visiting Icewind Dale for the first time, strawberry pies her guardian's friend used to bake, meeting her friends.
Worst Memories: Finding out that the drow are hated, the attack on the village she stayed at and what the villagers did to her afterwards, seeing her friend Illius as an undead in Valthranax's lair.

Hobbies/Interests: Taking walks, reading, practicing archery, drying flowers.
Skills/Talents: She's a decent healer without using any spells, talk with animals.
Likes: Nature, animals, quiet places, wilderness, scouting, evenings in the camp, traveling, strawberries.
Dislikes: Racism, evil people, loud and busy places, sea travel.
Sense of Humor: She has a pretty good sense of humor even if she doesn't joke often. She find various kind of humor okay whether it's dry, wity, sarcastic or ironic.
Pet Peeves: When people interrupt her, are too nosy, disrespectful, messy, put their legs on a table when she eats.
Dreams/Nightmares: She dreams about all sorts of things. Sometimes it's horrible nightmare, sometimes it's adventures she never had or other things she hasn't done yet, and sometimes it's just pointless and strange dreams.
Quirks: If she needs flowers for something she only picks white flowers, if she can't sleep she counts cities she visited during her travels, sleeps with the knife under her pillow.
Savvy: Nature, certain animal species.
Can't understand: Enjoying life in the cities. It is simply too crowded and noisy for her.
Closet Hobby: She likes to dance when no one can see her.
Guilty Pleasure: Tannin :P

Strengths: Endurance, loyalty, kindness.
Flaws: Social awkwardness, self-doubt, indecisiveness, martyr complex.
Perception: The world is full of grey.
Instincts: Always stay wary of your surroundings.
Lures: Baby animals, forests.
Soft Spot: Animals, homeless children, strawberries.
Cruel Streak: If someone threatens to hurt people she cares about or defenseless beings.

Favorite Colors: Green and silver
Favorite Animals: All animals except for snakes
Favorite Places: Icewind Dale, forests
Favorite Flavors: Strawberry
Favorite Foods: Meats and vegetables
Favorite Drinks: Water, wine, mead
Favorite Books: History, poetry, adventure
Favorite Songs: Wind by the Fireside and The Horns of the Far Elf Realm.

Least Favorite Animals: Snakes and lizards
Least Favorite Places: Luskan, Underdark, settlements she's been kicked out of.
Least Favorite Flavors: Bitter and overly sweet ones
Least Favorite Foods: Overly greasy food
Least Favorite Books: Sappy romance novels
Least Favorite Words: Filthy drow, scum, half-breed

Languages: Common and Drow
Accent: She can mimic Luskan accent quite well
Voice: Medium pitched, but she's usually soft-spoken
Laughter: She almost never laughs but it's sweet and might be pleasing to some ears. :P

Self-Impression: Nawen is very self-critical and she often thinks that's she's not good enough for anything.
MBTI Personality Type: ISFP
Temperament: Phlegmatic
Enneagram: The Peacemaker
The Shadow: Nawen is capable of being incredibly violent, but she becomes this way to protect those she cares about.

Role: Loyal sidekick
Fulfillment: Well enough
Alignment: Neutral Good
Song: Illusion by VNV Nation and A Hole in the Sun by Two Steps from Hell.
Vice: Envy and on rare occasions wrath
Virtue: Kindness and humility
Defining Moment: Hasn't happened yet, but it will eventually.
Tropes: Drow ranger, beautiful elf, the quiet one, resentful guardian, nature lover.
Originality: Her personality and reasons for the way she is?
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Rest in Peace - Spike (BtVS)
  • Watching: Angel the series
  • Playing: Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition


I like a lot of things. :happybounce: :la: :happybounce: :la: :happybounce: :la: :happybounce: :la: :happybounce: :la: :happybounce: :la:

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