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This questionnaire is actually 30 Day Challenge, but I don't want to fill up my journal space with 30 short entries, so I answered all questions in one entry.

1. Favorite Dragon Age game (Origins, Awakening, Dragon Age 2)?
Origins. It was love at first play-through. Even if my first attempt at this game was pretty disastrous, I was very impressed by everything. The characters are so well written and things like party banters helps to flesh them out even more, the storyline is just as amazing and the world itself is just as fascinating, and believe me there are plenty of things that still make me go 'wow!' about the game or Dragon Age setting in general four years later. Cutscenes compared to those I've seen in other games I've played were downright amazing. I'll never forget how impressed I was by the Ostagar battle cutscene. The only issues I have with this game are so minor, and they don't take away anything from everything I love about this game.

2. Favorite character?
So many. It doesn't help that my opinion is known to change about certain characters the more I think about them or their actions (and I do that a lot). I'll try to list as much as I can remember. Most of them happen to be party members: Alistair, Anora, Aveline, Bann Teagan, Felassan (he's not in the games), Fenris, Isabela, Loghain Mac Tir, Maric Theirin (he's also not in the games), Morrigan, Nathaniel Howe, Sigrun, Varric, Zevran, Wynne.

One particular characters is worth a bigger mention as he is rather recent addition to the list - Loghain. I've always thought he's one of the best antagonists I've seen in a video game, and after reading The Stolen Throne I saw that even in his youth, Loghain was a hard-ass capable of making difficult decisions. His paranoia of Orlesians (in general) is also bit more understandable because in the book we got to see firsthand what life in Ferelden was like under Orlesian rule, and it was bad. It was sad to see how far he has fallen, and there are some things I will never forgive him for doing. Long story short, I think I needed to reach a certain point in my obsession with this life-ruining setting to (freaking finally) like certain characters despite them committing actions that I will never agree with.

3. Least favorite character?

I got a few, though much less than favorite characters:
Bullet; Green Sebastian Vael. From the very first interaction with him he was kind of... eh to me, to the point I only took him with me for quests that came with his DLC. Then there's a particular party banter with Fenris. Fenris, who is openly pro-templar is loyal enough to Hawke not to turn their mage friends in, but mister worst-chantry-priest-ever is actually considering this with Hawke right beside him. He's considering to have them locked up in the very same Circle which sent so many other mages down the darker path just so they could be free from it.

Then towards the end of the game he throws a fit if you let Anders live and says this: "And I will bring such an army with me on my return there'll be nothing left of Kirkwall for these malifecarum to rule!" I had full friendship with him, he stayed as a Chantry priest, yet he's willing to possibly harm innocent people of Kirkwall who already suffered enough as it is to avenge the Grand Cleric? What. The. Hell. Does he really think that Anders is just gonna sit on that crate in Lowtown and wait for him to return from Starkhaven? I do understand that Elthina was dear to him, but there is no excuse whatsoever to bring further suffering to innocent people. If he truly wants vengeance then go after Anders not threaten to attack the freaking city.

Bullet; Green Arl Rendon Howe. From what we see in game, he has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Even other characters have nothing good to say when they talk about him. Sighard, Bann of the Dragon's Peak has this to say about him: "Oh, I can hardly speak ill of the sense or conscience of any man simply for wishing Rendon Howe dead. You've met him. The man made vipers seem personable." He betrays his old friend and slaughters everyone in his friend's castle, and is responsible for many bad things that happened in Ferelden during the Blight. The fact that he apparently had enough influence on someone like Loghain just proves how dangerous this man is if left unchecked.

Bullet; Green Arl Eamon Guerrin. My one major gripe against him is an opinion many people in Dragon Age fandom seem to share; Eamon is a power grabbing prick. He states that the reason why he wants Alistair on the throne is because "hurr durr Theirin bloodline" but I think the reason for it is because, Alistair is inexperienced in politics, and it's clear as a day that he'd turn to Eamon for help. There is also an option to have Alistair executed in the Landsmeet. Guess how hard Eamon tries to prevent the last living Theirin's execution? You guessed it! He does absolutely nothing. And why should he? Clearly his plan to use Alistair as a puppet failed, so screw Theirin bloodline! He didn't care for Alistair, the fact the only thing he did is repair the necklace that Alistair thought belonged to his mother doesn't mean Eamon cares about him if he won't lift a damn finger to save his life because Alistair is useless to him now.

Bullet; Green Sister Petrice. She's an anti-Qunari idiot who time and again tried to turn everyone against the Qunari residing in the compound given to them in Lowtown. Even though she eventually gets an arrow to the chest, but it's not before she messes things up even more. In fact, her death is the first time Qunari responds to her endless plotting against them (there's more to it but I don't want to spoil it any further).

4. Favorite Love Interest?

Bullet; Green Alistair - he's just such an adorkable sweetheart. He's kind and funny and I just love his romance so much. Things he sometimes say to romanced Warden are just so nice. He sure knows how to make a lady feel special. XD

Bullet; Green Morrigan - while I do not have a character who'd be a good match for Morrigan, I tried her romance and loved it. She's the kind of character who viewed love as weakness and felt scared when she realized she fell for the Warden, and while this is a very familiar scenario I think it was handled well. What I also love about her romance is how it ends as I love sad endings. The fact she has her own agenda and doesn't toss it aside because of the protagonist is also quite the refreshing change.

Bullet; Green Fenris - I'm not a fan of... anything rivalry, so I went with the friendship romance with Fenris. While I was hoping for some reaction from Fenris when you romance him with the mage but got nothing, I still enjoyed his romance very much. At one point, he walks out after spending a night with Hawke, because he's afraid, because it's too fast: "This is too fast. I cannot... do this." yet when Hawke needs him, Fenris is there for them. He doesn't know how to comfort people, but he tries because he cares. Fenris never says "I love you" or calls Hawke "my love" but he doesn't need to. I think that: "Nothing could be worse than the thought of living without you." does a pretty good job to show that he indeed loves Hawke. *wiggles eyebrows*

P.S. If I'm allowed a moment of shallowness... that voice... hhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnng.

5. Least favorite Love Interest?
I haven't tried all of them (Merrill and Sebastian cause I don't like them) but from the ones I've tried, it has to be Leliana. While her romance isn't bad, it's not that great either. I guess I expected more than what I've got.

6. Your Warden’s story?
This would take twice as much space as answers above. I do have my main Warden's character sheet uploaded here which details her story.

7. Favorite quest?
The Long Road aka Hawke plays the matchmaker for his friend, Aveline. This quest is really funny and adorable. Other companion's reactions are really entertaining as well. "She's courting the man. With a fear reserved for dragons."

8. Least favorite quest?

The Fade: Lost in Dreams. Basically Warden and his/her companions are trapped in the Fade and you have to go through a freaking maze to get out. This quest is interesting and fun to do in the first few play-throughs but later on it just gets really tedious. Thank the Maker for Skip the Fade mod. XD

9.  Favorite class (mage, warrior, rogue, assassin, healer…)?
Dual wielding rogue in Origins, mage in Dragon Age 2. I always loved dual wielding thus it was a no-brainer when picking fighting style for my main Warden. Why mage in Dragon Age 2? Combat in this game is fast paced, and you can actually use a staff to hit enemies when they get too close. There's also the fact that to me Hawke being a mage makes the story more interesting and somewhat more personal.

10. Favorite party banter?
It would be easier to answer which ones are my least favorite because I love party banters. They're so fun to listen to.

11. Favorite song from the soundtracks?
Bullet; Green Dragon Age: Origins - Main Theme, Leliana's Song, Rise of the Darkspawn, The Endless Wave of Hurlocks, Sorrow, I Am the One. If soundtracks not included in the game counts too then also add The Grey Warden Legacy and Grey Warden Song to the list.
Bullet; Green Dragon Age 2: CC, Mages, Main Theme, Tavern Music, Fenris Theme, Rogue Heart, Mage Pride, Destiny of Love, Hawke Family Theme, Tallis.

12. OTP? Illadriel and Alistair, Tristan and Fenris. :P

13. Mages or Templars?
Mages. Templar order isn't pointless, and they do serve a necessary function but this whole Circle idea needs some major improvements. Templars themselves should be watched closely as well because some were abusing their power as well as their charges. I do understand that mages can be dangerous, but because of this they shouldn't be treated this badly and locked up in towers away from their families and loved ones.

14.  Character you wish was a romance option?
I'm pretty pleased with romance options we already have. I would have liked Varric's romance but friendship with him is just as beautiful and rewarding.

15. Your favorite "Bro"?
Varric hands down. He's like Garrus of Dragon Age. His friendship with Hawke is just so amazing and feels natural, especially if Hawke is humorous.

16. Your ultimate team from all games?
I'm not going to restrict myself to only three party members like in the games. Alistair and Fenris for warriors, Nathaniel, Sigrun and Varric for rogues, Bethany, Morrigan and Wynne for mages. Also a Mabari hound.

17. Favorite Origins story? Dalish. I love the close-knit community feel it has. If anything, Sabrae clan is a good example of "family doesn't end with blood" saying. They do very much feel like a family. Pretty much everyone shows concern for Mahariel, and no one's been rude to you.

18. Character you are most like? Probably Alistair... yeah, I'm most similar to Alistair.

19. Character who’d be your best friend?
Alistair, Isabela (I'd have someone to share all kinds of smut with), Sigrun and Varric.

20. Character you wouldn’t get along with? Meredith, Morrigan, Oghren, Sten as I wouldn't have a clue what he's talking about.

21. Favorite villain? Loghain. He isn't the muahahaha kind of villain. Yes, he does some nasty things but he believes that what he's doing is for the good of Ferelden, because Loghain isn't a power hungry tyrant like some people apparently calls him, he is a patriot willing to go into extremes to protect his country. He was ultimately wrong in both his actions and paranoia, but I can't really blame him, at least for the paranoia bit.

22. Favorite NPC? Anora, Dagna (she's so adorable), Flemeth.

23. Scene you wish you could change the outcome of the most?
Hmm... I do wish there was a way to stop Anders, or save those freaking miners Hawke can convince to go back to work in the The Bone Pit.

24. Most shocking scene?
The scene that shocked me the most was Loghain's betrayal at Ostagar. I so didn't see that one coming.

25. Scene that made you cry?
The very first time I saw what Quentin did to Hawke's mother, Leandra, or rather the final conversation she has with her eldest made me teary eyed. Now I don't really get affected by it. I do feel sorry for Hawke but other than that... nope. No tears.

26. Crack OTP? Hmm... Morrigan/Oghren? Is that crack enough for you?

27. Best part of the games? Both games are pretty different, but I do believe that it's the characters that makes both games great. And the world itself.

28. Worst part of the games? That it ends? No storage chests until Awakening? XD
As for Dragon Age 2... not enough interaction with companions, none of your decisions seem to matter that much or they have disastrous consequences, reused areas.

29. If you made a deal with a demon what would your bargain be? Not sure I'd make deals with Dragon Age demons.

30. Hopes for Dragon Age 3?
Since the game is already out, and I've heard mixed opinions... my only hope is for summer to come faster so I could finally play it.
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